Over Christmas I drove up to Queensland to spend time with my family. Thanks to
the failing air conditioning in my tiny car, I became reacquainted with the
strength of the Queensland sun and the hideousness of highways during the
Australian summer time. I also don't think it helps that I am a short person so
have to be closer to the windscreen than most. I wore sunscreen and a big hat and
even created a makeshift curtain from my Hawaiian shirt on the window. My mum
told me on arrival this was probably illegal and a very dangerous practice.
Sans the terrible air conditioning situation, driving through small town NSW and a
very unknown mountainous region in Queensland was really the best. I loved seeing
all the animals and wide open spaces and watching The Polar Express in my road
side motel. I was really struck by how carefree and happy people seemed to be
outside of Sydney and I haven't quite been able to shake the realisation since.

Another unforgettable experience was the very strange airbnb I stayed at in
Brisbane with my friend, Steph. The house had almost zero furniture and 'smelt
like an armpit'. In terms of the singular 2 seater couch and small tv across the
other side of the room, Steph likened it to a newly moved into share house
occupied by 18 year old boys. It was creepy and smelt badly, but I guess it's my
own fault for booking the cheapest accomodation in Brisbane I could find (sorry

I arrived back in Sydney for the new year with all the really hot days and my
subsequent complaining still ahead of me.