A few days ago I started to think my idea to want to relocate (again) to Japan was
a bit ambitious and silly, but now that i'm looking at all these photos of my
friends I think it would be silly not to seriously consider it. I think a big part
of the reason I keep flirting with the idea is that it is very do-able at this time
in my life. Sometimes I feel like my choosing to stay in Sydney with my plants, my
Jess and the living room that turns golden from 3-4 in winter is saying no to the
opportunity to live a different kind of life. 
What's a girl to do?

Anyway, enough of that. 
These are the photos I took during the days I spent with my
friend Mayu and Moe as well as Ayaka-san and Buket. It was a really dreamy time in
case you can't tell.

Mayu'you-want-another-umeshu?'Tatsuki san.

When I left Japan in 2015 I gave Mayu my plants. These plants are resilient. They
survived in my shoebox room with very little light and even kept on living when I
went overseas for a month. I left them in the care of everyone's favourite Iranian
PHD student, Majid. I know it's kind of creepy but it felt like meeting old friends
when I saw them in Mayu and Buket's Funabashihouten apaato.