Right now, I'm in the middle of my first post graduate semester and have been working at a certain radiology practice doing admin since September. The last few months have been more work/study than play for me sadly. Admittedly, I write this after just returning from a short trip to Japan, but up until this entry things had not been fun! At the same time my masters coursework began I started dating someone. It was pretty nice but not long lasting and I think I overcommitted myself because now I have several unopened tubes of flavoured lubricant that I'm trying to find other uses for. That's me making a joke out of real life sadness by the way. The lubricant is not a joke though. How do you feel about salted caramel? Aside from that, I joined an Australian stock photography community. It's been exciting for me and also creatively challenging. I'll put a link up soon of my portfolio and one to my website I made in February. In February I also began writing letters to my friend in Italy, ALBERTO ACQUISTAPACE. What a name!
Another large life event I can share is that my backyard buzz cut à la Jessica Laker, has finally grown out. Now I have a sweet bowl cut and I feel like I'm really achieving one of my long term goals. Japan photos next post x