When I was in Japan in 2014/15, I lived in Chiba prefecture. It's pretty close to
Tokyo and it's convenient enough to visit. Though if I'm honest, I spent most of my
Tokyo Time back then in Shibuya drinking and blacking out with my friends. That was
a nice time, but this Japan trip, I wanted to explore more of suburban and downtown
Tokyo. Luckily for me, my very good friend Mizuki was now living in Togoshikoen in
a very small apartment. I had the pleasure of staying there a night and experiencing
again the shoebox room life. It was the best. After we met at the station and had
been out drinking, we visited the sento near her place and had a bath. Up until a
few days ago, I was still using the same small conditioner bottle I bought at that
sento. It was only the size of a lip balm but it smelt really really good. Visiting
the sento with your girlfriends is the best, I liken it to going to McIver's,
except nudity and pre-bath entry shower is mandatory. I've been told some peculiar
things in Japanese bathhouses. For example, "I want to scrub your back", "Hey, your
boobs got bigger!" and "I've never seen a naked foreign person before."

Oh yeah, and I went to the maneki neko temple in Setagaya. Of course it was the
cutest thing you've ever seen.