Despite being in a German city, I spent nearly my whole time in Berlin hanging out
with my Swedish Instagram pal, Rebecca. She had just moved there a few weeks before
I arrived, so it was nice to explore things together and debrief about my time in
Sweden with her.

I hated my accommodation in Berlin so I spent most of my time out of the hostel,
walking around, avoiding the five British boys I shared my dorm with, hanging out
with Rebecca and her Swedish friends.

I got the night bus from Berlin to Amsterdam and it was terrible. Really terrible.

I spent most of my time in Amsterdam at my accommodation, The Lucky Lake Hostel.
It was exactly what I needed.

I ventured into the city on my second day in The Netherlands to see my beautiful
cousin, who was living there with her boyfriend. We sat by the canal most of the
afternoon and later got lost trying to go back to the station.

The Lucky Lake

Next stop : Paris