Bulgaria was one of the countries I was looking forward to visiting the most. 
Since I knew very little about it, it was alluring. It was mysterious. With no
exposure to Bulgarian things through pop culture I felt like I was going where no
Kayla had gone before.

As well as the alluring, unknown aspect of this Balkan country, I was visiting
Bulgaria to see my friends, Dimana, Marina and Peter. They took such good care of
me while I was there and really worked hard to make sure I experienced Bulgarian
life and culture.

The one thing I had my heart set on seeing in Bulgaria was Buzludzha Monument, an
abandoned communist building that looks like a UFO. It's way out of the city but
Peter and Marina MADE IT HAPPEN. I was so happy after this day I cried a little
bit when no one was watching.

Crazily for us, on the day we chose to visit Buzluzha, The Bulgarian Socialist
Party were holding their annual meet where people from all over Bulgaria gather
together to celebrate socialist things and honor Dimitar Blagoev, the founder of
the Bulgarian Socialist Party. We really really really wanted to go but by the time
we got there everyone was leaving. Marina spoke to some people and ended up getting
a free socialist party hat AND tee shirt. The history surrounding the building is
really interesting and made for some great conversations about politics on the road
trip there.

After driving all day and visitng local villages and monuments on the way, we
stopped at Dimana's grandparent's apartment and made ourselves at home. It was so
cozy and homey and maybe one of the best places I stayed during my trip.

The next day we visited Dimana's grandparents at their other home and were fed
some really great food. I can't remember what this bread situation is called but
IT WAS AMAZING. I tried some tea made made with herbs that Dimana's grandma picked
in the forest. When I introduced myself to her grandparents and said I was from
Australia, Dimana's grandfather said, "Australia. What's there?".

I spent my last night in Bulgaria with Dimana and Ivailo just outside of Sofia
city. We had waffles and coffee and then drove up to an abandoned sky rail where
locals were hanging out, looking at the city and drinking beer. I constantly felt
so lucky to have such wonderful friends willing to take me around and show me cool
things about their city and daily lives. I loved Bulgaria.