When I lived in Japan I met some really wonderful people. A large group of them
live in Europe and because I've never been there and the offer of so many free fold
out lounges were on the table, I thought I should go and pay my friends a visit.
I'm not really someone who has an interest in European things or feels the allure
of historical monuments etc. so this trip was really just about seeing friends and
eating different country's desserts. I started in Paris, but since I went there
again at the end of my trip, I'll save that post for later.

My second stop on "Kayla's First Europe Trip" was Milan to visit my very handsome
friend Alberto and meet up with Moe. From the beginning of my stay with he and his
family, everything was really great. In the coming months I should really send a
huge package of Tim Tams to let them know how much I appreciated everything they
did for me when I was there.

On my arrival day in Milan, Alby was working at the pizza store near his place (of
course). So he sent two of his friends, Davide and Noah to come and pick Moe and I
up from the station. We had a
afternoon aperitivo and met 'Ricki Bross'. 
they drove us to Alby's place and played Italian rap music all the way

Every morning Alby's mum prepared us several breakfast options. I felt like I had
a sister staying there with Moe. We both shared the same room with two single beds
side by side and every morning walked down the stairs together hollering good
morning to Alberto, who had already been up for a while and was usually on his

On the way to Lake Como, Alberto's friend, Stefano, was asking us questions about
ourselves and what we were studying. I told him about my majors and my lack of job
direction and he told me something I thought quite profound. I don't know if it
was an Italian proverb or just some words out of a handsome Italian guy's mouth,
but he said something like, "If you can't find a job for yourself, you need to
create one." Maybe this is something everyone else already knew, like how I used
to take my pants completely off when I went to squat pee because I didn't know you
could just pull your pants to your knees... Also unfortunately we didn't see
George Clooney at Lake Como.

A really cool thing I noticed in Milan was the lack of binge drinking culture among
Alberto and his friends. One of the last evenings we spent there, we joined A and
his friends kicking a soccer ball in the street and discussing the evening's plans.
Soon, everyone was piling into cars and we were heading to a bar in the city called
The Moscow Mule. We lined up, got our drinks, stood outside and hung out with each
other before we all got back into our cars and headed home.

Leaving Milan was really sad and Moe and I both felt that we had almost had too
good of a time, and that the rest of our seperate trips would have a high standard
to live up to. When I was on the train to Rome, A messaged me and told me he would
come to Sydney in December and for the rest of the train ride to Rome all I could
think about was making sure I hosted him as well as he, his friends and beautiful
family had hosted me in Milan.