Even though today is the first official day of summer in Australia, it's felt like
summer in Sydney for a little over a month now. Since finishing my exams a few
weeks ago life has been pretty cruisey. I found a child's pool in our laundry (I
think Naomi bought it when we first moved in!) and it's been a permanent fixture on
our back patio ever since. Also, since I don't have school and work only a few days
a week, I've finally been able to go to Royal National Park! Kanae and I took a
trip two weeks ago and it was AWESOME. It reminded me of Cairns and the kinds of
trips I used to take with friends after we had all just got our driver's licence.
Aside from that, since I'm kind of skint and not working a lot, I've mostly been
hanging out in my neighbourhood. There's a pool around the corner and a park nearby
too, plus lots of cats to pat along the way.