I had an exhibition at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku two weeks ago. Here is
my artist statement (thanks to Cass for helping/writing it for me), for those who

are curious:

‘Saving face’ is a term used to express the social practice of avoiding humiliation
or embarrassment in order to maintain a sense of personal dignity. The phrase is
often used to support these core social values held by many Asian cultures. As a
result it frequently conjures stereotypical imagery of Asian social interactions
despite it existing in many other cultural and geographical groups.
The photographs in Saving Face are a series of images that investigate this concept
of portraits that conceal the identity of the subject by presenting individuals
from behind. This specific form of portraiture simultaneously reinforces the nature
of an outsiders’ perspective and allows the audience to see through the eyes of the
artist. Inviting one to passively participate in these moments and ultimately save
the faces captured on film.

‘Saving face’ とは、個人の威厳を保つために恥をかくことや周りの人々を困惑させることを避けるといっ

Saving Face にみられる作品は、人々の後ろ姿を映し出す事によって被写体のアイデンティティーを隠してい
る。そしてこの独特な肖像画法は外の人(アウトサイダー) の視点の本質的な部分を強調し、同時に観衆


It was a great experience and I got to see some really old friends who I hadn't
seen in a 
long time! I also got to meet some new online friends for the first time.
Thank you 
to everyone who came and hung out with me that weekend! I hope you had as
much fun 
as I did!
Also, thank you to everyone who helped me put this together.. Cass for cyber-holding
my hand the whole time, Mayu and Alex for helping me put the pictures up and
making them fairly straight, Marzhan for helping me sell my books and to anyone who
bought a book from me- THANK YOU!