I am so sad that my time in Japan is coming to an end. I can't grasp the reality
that i will be back in Australia this time next week. This past year has been
amazing and crazy and at times pretty hard. I don't have a lot of days here left,
so I've been eating a lot of my favourite foods- yaki niku, soft cream and
trying new weird flavours of milk teas and juices (they are stocked according to
the season- new season, new drink choices!). Also, last week I went to the east
coast of Chiba with some friends and stayed out in a cabin by the sea for the
night. We made a fire and everything!

Yvonne and I with our imagined Mr. Miyagi after my last karate class!

Houses of Kujukuri

On the long walk back to the station we took refuge from the sun in front of this
store. The lady saw us and brought us out some water while we waited for a taxi to
come and take us to the station. SO nice.

A picture I took to end the roll before taking them to the shop.