When I was in Japan I couldn't imagine starting life again in Australia. Now that
I'm back I can't fathom that I spent the last ten months in Japan. It honestly all
feels like a huge dream and since I got back one and a half weeks ago, I've had to
look through my blog and Instagram to convince myself it all really did happen. 
I honestly think it was the best ten months of my life. These pictures were taken 
my last days in Japan and my first days back in Australia.

My last day of class at Chiba University.

Going away drinks at Za Watami!

Until this point I had been holding it together pretty well with the tears and sad
goodbyes. But after Ashley surprised me with a super sweet farewell book she had
organised for everyone to sign I was squirting tears everywhere. Friends gave me
sweet letters, small souveneirs and even a cookie in the shape of MY FACE. I was
crying everywhere.

Following all-you-can-drink at Za Watami we went to karaoke at Joysound, as is
tradition. Beer = karaoke fuel.

"Let's get the drink bar! They have an excellent selection of teas." - Martin

Leaving Joysound at 5am that morning, we scrambled onto the rooftop of C building
to watch the sunrise. It was sad and beautiful and we all talked about our first
day arriving at the dormitory we affectionately called Chernobyl.

While everyone was shutting their curtains and sleeping the morning away, I went
back to my room and finished packing up the last ten months of my life.

After a few hours my friend Mizuki came and helped me send some things at the
post office. She then took me back to her house because she didn't want me to
sleep alone for my last night in Japan. This is her house. Very Japanese.

A special 'Kayla' drink Cass made me while I watched her work.

Cat therapy is REAL, people.

Cass is a teacher now. She loves it. And so concludes my Japan posts (for a while).
I started this blog before I left for Japan and I'm going to continue it now that
I'm back. ただいま。