This semester I've been spending a lot of my Friday nights in Tokyo, and a lot of
Saturdays in bed. I'm trying to curb the latter but Japan's nomihoudai ~all you 
can drink~ system doesn't really help. Is everyone in my generation but a high-
functioning alcoholic? Outside of those days I've been riding my bike to the beach 
and I even went to my friend's part time job at a dental surgery (which she is
definitely not qualified to work at, by the way) and got my teeth cleaned for free 
AND I got an excessive amount of dental things PLUS a cookie from the dentist for 
no charge! Of course, I've also been trying to study Japanese every day and 
have been busy organising things for my exhibition next month.

Roppongi Art Night

Followed by the harrowing journey home on the 5am train:

Manuel, Marta and Matt and others (not pictured) doing the walk of shame from the
station to the dormitory at 6am.

Later that day when everyone woke up..

And fell asleep again.



Just before this, I believe I hosted an arm wrestle championship between a newly 
promoted chemical engineer from India and a pro wrestler from California! I 
invited them to our private booth which we somehow acquired from a group of flexing
Japanese construction workers.

Now I know that the lemon sours have alcohol in them.