This week marks the beginning of my final semester at Chiba University as an
international student. Which means that in a mere three months I will be back in
Sydney, hearing Cass sing through our shared wall, patting cats and dreaming about 
Japanese convenience stores and wondering how long it will take before I find 
people in Australia physically attractive again. My whole spring vacation went by 
so quickly. Even though it was only six weeks ago that my little South East Asia 
adventure began it all seems like a fuzzy memory to me now.

These are the pictures I took while I was in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was really cool.
The escalators were fast and all the street signage ruled. I was also robbed at the
Chungking Mansions and I saw a man vomiting an entire buffet of beans right on the
train platform. I also spent an entire day at The Venetian Hotel in Macau.