I'm still waiting for some of my holiday pictures from Bali to be developed so I'm
jumping the gun, chronologically speaking, a little bit with this post.

Getting back to Japan was amazing. So so so amazing. My stupid Air Asia flight
from Malaysia was delayed so I missed the last train home from Tokyo so ended up
sleeping at Tokyo Station- which was not so amazing. I was still in recovery from
Bali Belly 
and a full day of flying so getting back to my little shoe box sized
room was a 
moment of pure unadulterated pleasure for me. Walking from Inage station
to the 
dormitory, watching the sun rise on all the new cherry blossom trees that
popped up seemingly out of nowhere was such a wonderful way to be welcomed
AND THEN I met up with Cass, who had arrived in Japan the day before! These
some pictures of our time together in Japan before we left for South Korea.

Two small girls