STILL working my way through all my vacation pictures. Cambodia was hot. Really 
hot. Alex and I caught a lot of awful buses in Cambodia and at one point I 
accidentally wiped myself with a Cambodian Riel because a lady offered it to me 
outside of the bathroom and I didn't bring any of my own toilet paper (rookie move, 
i know.) Needless to say I was pretty bewildered when she asked for it back and 
grew even more shocked when I realised that I had most definitely just used a USED 
Riel-toilet paper substitute-note. Despite all of this, I left Cambodia unscathed.

"GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!", was what I had planned to say every day while we were
there, but I completely forgot! I really liked Vietnam. I had the best manicure of
my life and also the worst massage of my life there. We didn't have a lot of time
in Vietnam so we just followed the sightseeing trail. 

In Ha Long Bay we met a hilarious German guy who paid two Vietnamese people to
dive to the bottom of the bay and search for his dropped waterproof camera. We
also met an Australian guy who told us about a recent bar fight he was caught up
in between an Australian and a British guy as a result of the latter's careless
use of the 'c' word and the obvious misunderstanding that followed. As the story
goes, the security guard at the bar pepper sprayed all of them and left them on
the street completely incapacitated.