Slowly going through all my pictures I took during the winter break.

This is a dog named Sakurako that I met in a club in Harajuku. Her owner was really
creepy (hand pictured in bottom right hand corner). Half way through the night a
poodle arrived, too! Sakurako was licking my face a lot this night and her owner
kept saying that she was a lesbian.

Sometimes B comes to visit me in Inage.

Election season: this means a lot of posters like this everywhere plus weird
propaganda-esque vans driving around saying things through loud speakers and waving
to the public. Sometimes I see black nationalist vans doing the loudspeaker thing
in Tokyo too. On the Emperor's birthday I was in Harajuku and I saw about ten cars
in a row just blasting nationalist stuff through the streets. It was wild.

Za Watami I think hates us.

On a side note, I think my blog gets kind of messed up when it's viewed on a phone.
Maybe if you're looking from there, just know it looks better on a computer x