These are some pictures I took a few weekends ago when I transformed my teeny tiny
room into a teeny tiny night club: Kayla's Tropical Shorts Dance Party!! Coco
jambo! We started off the evening in the C Building VIP room (wow such
aesthetics!)  Let's play.. Spot The Australian. 

From there we went up to the club and danced the night away. I moved my bed onto
the balcony and my desk into the hall way so everyone could fit. A lot of people
came! It was a risky endeavour, especially when the security guard came around but
all in all I think it was a great success.. Nishizumi sensei, if you are reading
this.. please don't tell Catherine-san we drank in the dormitory or turned my room
into a tropical dance club.


Jesus partied the whole night with us.

The next morning I met these cuties + Yasu in Harajuku for lunch before Yas went
back to Fukuoka.

This is one of the toilets at Inage station. I realised for the first time that
they are decked out in this really nice pastel pink/peachy colour after I got back
from Harajuku. 

The next day, Sunday, was the best Sunday I've had in a while. I bought really over
priced Doritos and guac and sat out here in the sun with my plants (because they
don't get any sun in my room). Kyle, Matt and Eero slowly appeared from their rooms
and we all spent golden hour out there on the lawn between the dorms. It goes
without saying that my time in Japan would be no where near as amazing if it
weren't for all the new friends I've made here.

By the way I hope you listened to the song I posted up there while you read this
I listened to it alllll day on that Sunday spent on the grass. Plus it's just a
really good song.