Last week was my work's end of year Christmas party. We went out on a boat in the
harbour and felt very affluent for a few hours. I had one too many sparklings and
on my way home in the taxi i sicked up all over myself and inside my backpack
which had my camera in it.. The next day I had my wisdom teeth removed so I
couldn't eat or drink anything while I was hungover and feeling VERY sad for
myself. IT WAS SO HORRIBLE but little did I know was the beginning of a whole new
kind of hell- post wisdom teeth surgery hell. Anyway, I had to wash the camera
clean of my 'mess' and that is why some of these pictures have marks on them.
Water marks. Not sick marks. Merry Christmas!



Even though today is the first official day of summer in Australia, it's felt like
summer in Sydney for a little over a month now. Since finishing my exams a few
weeks ago life has been pretty cruisey. I found a child's pool in our laundry (I
think Naomi bought it when we first moved in!) and it's been a permanent fixture on
our back patio ever since. Also, since I don't have school and work only a few days
a week, I've finally been able to go to Royal National Park! Kanae and I took a
trip two weeks ago and it was AWESOME. It reminded me of Cairns and the kinds of
trips I used to take with friends after we had all just got our driver's licence.
Aside from that, since I'm kind of skint and not working a lot, I've mostly been
hanging out in my neighbourhood. There's a pool around the corner and a park nearby
too, plus lots of cats to pat along the way.