Crazy year!
This time last year I think I at least listened to this album on repeat for a whole month.

I was convincing this girl to live with me.

I was getting well acquainted with this pretty kitty.

Going to the beach a lot.

Hanging out with this guy on the regular (miss you).

These beautiful people returned to me from living in Bali.

My brother came to stay with me!

I still lived with Jack Salty! He didn't live with me very long in the Lewisham
house but it was pretty great while he was there.
(I stole this picture from Naomi)

And I was making a home together with this lady as though we never expected to live
anywhere else.

Tragically (or not so tragically), the greatest love affair I had this year was

probably with this cat.

I took these boring polaroids of her doing cat stuff on the daily.
I miss her. She was weird.

I miss these times.



In light of Moe and Aki's recent desire to move to Australia, and my recent desire
to eat a filthy meat pie, we got together and baked one ourselves! Afterwards I
showed them how to Tim Tam slam. 
Welcome to Australia.

Golden hour at the dormitory.

Elaine Benes shoebox dance party!

Followed by karaoke dance party.
15 minute Christmas medley. Take it away, fellas.

Recently, Mizuki-chan took me to see ALL of Japan's national treasures at the
National Treasures Of Japan exhibition in Ueno.
My Monday Japanese sensei. Poor lady.

Jacque tried his first IKEA hotdog. I tried my first IKEA meatball... Not as
disgusting as I had anticipated!

This week's Moe, Aki and Kayla Saturday Fun Day consisted of coffee, skating,
being really cold and Moe almost wetting her pants on the bus. 

I got a super dorky haircut and now I feel like a little boy from the 90s.
Unfortunately this was not the intended effect.
While we were at the skate park Aki met some of his friends and we wound up going
to a clothing launch in another suburb I can't remember the name of.

Next door to the barber-shop-turned-clothing-line-launch-party was this CRAZY old
lady's house. Right on the street too. I miss cats so much. I think I need to go
to a cat cafe just for my mental health.
Spot my board.