These pictures were all taken around my local suburb of Inage in Chiba.

This is the view from my little shoe box room.
When I first got here, the light emanating from that vending machine used to keep
me up at night.

Typhoons come and go.

Last weekend there was a fire.

All of these abandoned bikes have been taken away now, but I enjoyed them so much
while they were here. Among the exchange students we kind of have a running joke
going about the lack of upkeep around the dorm buildings.  It makes me miss my
Sydney home and garden a lot.

I love this beautiful pink and blue house. It's right across the street from the
dorm buildings.

Nearby, there are a few supermarkets and fruit stores.
I like this one the best. 

You know a decent apple costs about 500円/5AUD here?? Ridiculous. On the other
hand, stuff like: toilet paper, alcohol and tobacco is really cheap here. Go

Nearby one of the supermarkets there are two black street cats- a mum and a kitty.
I call them, The Inage Black Cats.
I haven't seen them in a while and honestly I
have grown concerned for their safety. 
I considered kidnapping one and taking it
back to my dormitory but then I realised it had a mum and we aren't allowed pets.
Also, my room is SMALL and I am not about the smell of kitty faeces in the morning
(or ever).

Bikes are an integral part of life in Japan.

I ride my bike to school everyday (when it's not raining).

I ride by this vending machine every day.

And this house:

And If I'm lucky, I get to hang out with this pretty alright Canadian guy too!

Then I go home!

Recently, I've been taking a lot of trips to the beach too. From the dormitory, it
takes about 20 minutes by bike and there are lots of wild cats and you can watch
the sun set into the ocean.


Last weekend I watched the sun set into the beach and then ended up staying up all
night and watching it rise in the morning! 

I am a person who really loves sleep and being in my bed, but lately I've realised
that I am missing out on so much living by making sleep such a huge priority.