These pictures were all taken over last week's ginormous five day weekend...

There was no school on Thursday and Friday because of the university festival. I didn't take a lot of pictures there, but I did manage to snap a picture of these chocolate banana marshmallow dick sticks. 

Friday night was Halloween!!! I didn't take any pictures but my friend, Manuel, took a few and put them on his blog! It was a really, really grand evening. We stayed out all night and took the 6am train home in the morning back to Inage, along with school children and business men on their way to work. Walking tiredly home from the station we stopped at a Matsuya and had some Gyudon. I think that night and morning will be one of those things I look back on really fondly.

It was my first time in Roppongi and it was absolutely nuts (in the best way). However, at some point in the night I fell tragically down some stairs and I really hurt my tailbone.. It was as though my butt was a bouncy ball being thrown down a stairwell. I think I hit about four stairs straight on the butt. 

I didn't feel any pain until I woke up on Saturday afternoon and tried to sit up in bed. So for the last week I haven't been able to ride my bike, sleep on my back or even sit properly. Never take for granted your uninjured tailbone!!!!

I was still feeling pretty sad for myself on Sunday so I went and treated myself to a filthy burger...

I went to a a local shopping mall and was browsing the record selection when I came across this...

Sometimes you see racism in Japan.

I really just like photographing everyday stuff here. Like old men at train stations and I didn't even notice initially, but the man in the foreground is wearing one of those masks.. Very Japan.

Also, for those interested, I have been continuing to take plenty of photographs of sleeping people. It's just become a habit now more than anything and I don't even feel creepy anymore. I'm just letting my slightly invasive and morally questionable freak flag fly! I want to do something large scale with them when I get back. This one was taken from my balcony.

On the fifth day of maybe the largest weekend I've ever had, Kyle and I went to Omotesando and milled around, ate some pancakes from Bills (gosh I've really missed 'Australian' food), and then trotted off to the Jimbocho book fair.

And that is how I spent my five day weekend: getting around with a sore butt, questioning race relations, eating pancakes and looking at old books.

I've been in Japan about two whole months now, can you believe it?
I don't feel homesick, but I find myself reflecting on really joyous moments of everyday life back in Australia. I don't reminisce about particular events or things I was doing, but just feelings I had at certain times.. The every day stuff that was great. Like, coasting down Parramatta Road late at night on my bike after finishing work at the cinema. Or when summer came at last in 2011 and me and my five other Petersham housemates went for an early morning swim at Gordon's Bay. Even those moments when I would be doing the dishes in the kitchen of my Lewisham home and I would catch Cass through the window, smoking and reading a book in the afternoon light, are times that I look back on and smile about.

It's not that I don't feel happy here- I do- but for some reason my mind now wanders to those places in time. It's strange, huh? I wonder when I leave Japan if I'll be reminiscing about these current moments in time? Perhaps it's my inability to 'be in the moment'. Or MAYBE I live so much so in the moment that I don't recognise that what's happening around me is a truly great time.

Whatever. It reminds me of a few things:
1. The Fear Of Happiness (chapter 16) in Alain de Botton's Essays In Love
2. This brilliant Andy Bernard quote in the finale of The Office: