On the weekend, Kyle, Mizuki-chan, Toshi and I crammed into a small car and traveled to Ibaraki- Japan's least popular prefecture!

After a quick combini stop and some close calls driving out of Chiba, we at last arrived at the Hitachi Seaside Park!

There is a lot to see there, but the main reason I wanted to visit was to see the beautiful red hills unique to this time of year.

We made it to the top of the field just in time for golden hour.

Two great dogs! The one of the left is the mum and the right is the son.

Being natural like.

We finished our day in Hitachi by the seaside and then went to an all-you-can-eat curry restaurant. When we were coming back to Chiba we drove on a highway that goes right past the Tokyo skyline. It was incredible and so humbling.

Sometimes life here isn't that different to my life back in Sydney- I still study at home and cook dinner for myself and stay in to watch my stories and dye my hair. So days like this just make me realise all over again where exactly I am in the world!