Finally!! I have some photos to show the Internet of my life over the last few weeks. The negatives on this roll were unfortunately handled very poorly so there are a few scratches/finger prints/anomalies.

After all that road tripping last month I got on another plane and flew back to Melbourne! I visited old friends, walked rabbits in a park, ate too many dumplings and met up with my very own potential Catfish!!

This is one of Tanja and Michael's two rabbits. His name is Red. (FINGERPRINT, UH)

Tanja is one of my oldest friends and it made my heart feel so full to see her new life in Melbourne with Michael. I also liked seeing her rabbits.

I went and visited Naomi in her new home and helped her unpack her IKEA things. 

This is her new, adorable apartment building.

I also spent a hilarious evening with this lovely lady, Vivien. 
When I met her, she greeted me in her home with my very own hot water bottle!  I don't know how I have gone so long without these things in my life! Though, I guess cats are kind of like living hot water bottles. We spent a really fun night together eating Chinese food, talking about The Swan Princess and laughing and laughing and laughing.

In the best kind of way, the weather was kind of terrible while I was in Melbourne. Tanja's apartment is on the corner of a building in the city and it felt really cosy. Also, she had a heater which was nice. I realise this entry reveals just how deprived my regular life is of heating devices...

This day, however, the weather was actually wonderful.  Pictured is my friend, Andy.  We first started talking on Myspace in 2006 and have been friends ever since! This day was the first time we met in person and I am happy to report he is exactly who he said he was and looked just like his pictures. I wished Neve could have accompanied me to the great reveal in Melbourne CBD. It was such an exciting experience for me! At the end of our lunch I was sad to say goodbye to my old friend irl.

After I got back from Melbourne, I had only a few days to move out of my room and head up to Queensland to visit my family for one last time before Japan.

From the Sunshine Coast I took a train to Brisbane and visited another one of my oldest and most wonderful friends, Meg. 
This is a photograph of all of the receipts she keeps. At the time, I thought it was just one of her fastidious quirks but now I realise that it is probably a really good idea to keep receipts. I keep nothing.

Returning back to the Sunshine Coast, I couldn't help but notice what a strange place it is. All the hotels are named things like, 'Ocean Break', 'High Tide' or 'Blue Wave'... and there are old people everywhere and everyone paints their houses blue.

Such ocean paraphernalia. 

Besides the weird buildings and beautiful weather, the real reason I was there was to visit my family one last time before I leave. My mum and I spent the entire time eating food and watching back to back episodes of United States of Tara.