The last few weeks have been really busy and so I have some serious back tracking to do before I bring this blog up to date!

When my housemate Naomi got back from Melbourne a few weeks ago she had some very exciting but sad news for us... She was moving to Melbourne! This called for some serious houesmate quality time. So we spent the remaining weeks we had left together on our couch under a blanket watching Catfish and drinking tea. I realise it doesn't sound very spectacular but we all have pretty busy lives and rarely get to do this kind of stuff with each other. Plus I don't think we had all shared the same amount of obsession and enthusiasm for a show before.

So for the first time ever, after living with each other for over six months, we all went out for breakfast together. Not only was this the first time we ate a meal out together, but it was also The Pig and Pastry's 1st birthday! They had farm animals, a flower market and face painting etc. On our way to a more vegan friendly cafe we held rabbits and a little pig sucked on my finger- IT WAS AWESOME!

This day was a great reminder that winter doesn't last forever. And, if I'm going to get deep and philosophical, seasons of life don't last forever either.

It was so warm and amazing and it made us all really excited for summer, but at the same time quite sad because we know we will all be apart in the coming more humid months. 

I guess I can kind of sneak this into this post... while I was taking the change of tenancy :'( forms to the real estate, I happened upon this adorable building in Summer Hill. Another thing I will surely miss about Australia.