Sooooo just over one week ago I finished university for the semester. It's crazy because the next time I'll do a semester at Sydney Uni will be next August when I get back from Japan. I can't even.. Anyways, to celebrate the end of semester my friend Scott tattooed Hayao Miyazaki's face on my leg, (don't tell my Japanese mother) I visited some wonderful friends in Coledale and downloaded the Kim Kardashian game........

These are some photos I took on my Ricoh of my friend Jessica's new home front. Fairly adorable.

The weekend I finished the semester I caught the dreaded Rail Bus down to Coledale. The Rail Bus reminds me of a prison bus. Having never been to jail, my perception of it all is of course highly influenced by Orange Is The New Black, which I had just binge watched right before going to Coledale. In the first episode of the season Piper gets taken cross country for a court case and has to catch a bus and a plane and stuff... anyway the point is I felt like a scared Piper Chapman.. not knowing where the bus was going.. surrounded by people who I am positive were criminals.

After the whole Rail Bus thing, my friend Tim picked me up and I was greeted by Aaron holding this little cat on the balcony. ADORABLE. His name is Jeffrey and he is seriously a little rascal.

You can't really see it in this picture but this dog had a BOW on it's head. *heart eyes*

I didn't take any photos but the night I arrived (on the prison bus) we had a bonfire to celebrate Claire's birthday! It was SO FREEZING that I wore my ski suit all night and was still cold.

This is a photograph of my friend Tim, looking very smart, doing a test on me for his smarty pants Honours degree.Rowe Boats, Tim and Claire.

Heading back into the city I got to meet up with one of my favourite and oldest friends, TANJA LUSTENBERGER and her Michael who were visiting briefly from Melbourne. We had dumplings and ice cream and I got us lost in Central Station, despite having lived in Sydney for almost three years.

Happy blurry people.
During the week I met up with these two again. We had Japanese food (big surprise) in Chinatown. Afterwards, we did puri kura!! "It's just like Japan!!"I've never done puri with Japanese people in Australia. These guys are in their mid 20s so I think it was a bit of a novelty for them as well.. Suguru said he hasn't done puri for six years! Despite this, these guys have STILL GOT IT.”お久しぶり プリ!”On Tuesday, I met up with my friend Aladdin. We talked Tinder, university, sexual harrassment and met a crazy old guy on Norton St. He asked me if I had done an Arts degree and, legit, talked to us for about fifteen minutes about how, "you've got to be tough to do an Arts degree!" I gave him some money for coffee and he sat down near us and continued mumbling about marxism and sociology. It was NUTS.Following that, we headed back to my place to burn some uni stuff. He was the one mostly making fire, I just watched and made bad jokes about fire and tinder and Tinder.I'm going to conclude this blog post with some photos of my cute housemate and the cute kitty we live with from some afternoons ago.