Not a lot to write home about this week.
I've mostly been trying to organise lots of admin things for my year in Japan. It's so exhausting but I think all the paper work and phone calls will pay off when I'm in Japan every day living the gaijin dream.

Last week instead of studying for my exams I was writing huge to do lists and going and seeing films at the Sydney Film Festival. I saw: Boyhood, Mothers, Happy Christmas, Palo Alto, Tamako in the Moratorium and the new Zach Braff film, Wish I Was Here. Most of the films I saw were kind of underwhelming, but lovely. (I KNOW YOU CAN BE OVERWHELMED, AND YOU CAN BE UNDERWHELMED, BUT CAN YOU EVER JUST BE WHELMED?) Anyway, because I saw all but one film alone, it meant I always got a fairly great seat. It also meant that no one was there to hold my place in line when I needed to wee or really really really wanted a matcha frappe with extra cream from Starbucks...

I saw TWO films at the State Theatre aka the most beautiful building in Sydney.
It was so beautiful and felt like a real treat to be there. I felt pretty fancy.

Cute girl is cute.

Jess, getting a Religion Studies boner.

This was my favourite of all the evangelical signs! It reminds me of The Jetsons and makes me wonder why God isn't depicted more in a cosmic sense. I like it.

Something that was pretty exhausting about seeing SFF films was that they were all in the city. This meant a lot of waiting at Town Hall and cold walks home from the station where I ALWAYS think I'm being followed or am about to get murdered. Seriously. I have to walk past a handful of old churches on my way back from the station and the whole vibe is just plain creepy in winter.

However, it did give me a good excuse to people watch.. These guys better be best friends and or twins.

After I saw Tamako in The Moratorium I met up with Alex-kun. We went food shopping and then we (mostly he) cooked shabu shabu for dinner!

While we were waiting for dinner to cook Alex let me smell all of his bottles of cologne and I told him a story about how I preempted that a man getting on the bus would smell good so I took a deep breath through my nose when he walked past me only to be confronted with the foul smell of BODY ODOUR :'(

This day I decided to wear a pair of jeans I hadn't worn in over a year. Big mistake. I learnt that night that I'm now too much woman for those jeans to handle. They were so tight I felt actually ill, especially sitting down. After a while I got used to the feeling of my organs being crushed and enjoyed sitting on the floor and feeling Japanese for a little while.

Just yesterday I met up again with Shino and Suguru and spent the day shopping together. It doesn't matter where we go or what we do together I always feel so engaged in conversation when I share time with these two.

Other than that, things have pretty much stayed the same around these parts.