Last weekend (or maybe the weekend before) I attended the Other Worlds Zine Fair in Central Park Shopping Center. Other Worlds is the ethical alternative to the MCA Zine Fair which is sponsored by a company called Transfield.
Transfield is a corporation that operates service contracts in the detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru. Manus Island and Nauru are terrible and disgusting places where the Australian government continues to detain asylum seekers and breach international law regarding human rights.
Anyway, a group of zinesters in Sydney decided to boycott the MCA Zine Fair as a sign of protest and I decided to tag along as well. My book isn't really a zine but I thought I would go anyway. It was a great day and I felt so inspired afterwards to make things!

Jez, doing his best impersonation of me..

I felt so lucky to have been seated next to this wonderful lady, Mechelle B! She was selling so many cute things at her table but something that really caught my eye were her collection of zines entitled, The Joys Of Public Transport, which are so funny and sweet. I really liked that our table was so centered around public transport and I don't think I could have sat next to anyone cuter! I felt so inspired looking at all her cute things all day. I'm just waiting for the semester to end now so I can start some new projects! 

After the weekend I met up with my friends, Shinobu and Suguru. I met Shino when I replied to her poster at uni wanting someone to speak English/Japanese with. I always learn new things when I hang out with these two because they always have really different opinions. After they both tell me their opinion they look at each other quizzically and then proceed to argue a little bit in Japanese and come back to me with a united opinion. Like an old married couple.This day we had an interesting discussion about 本音 and 建前 which are two words that describe the contrast between one's true feelings and one's public opinion. Japan is often thought of a nation where people say things they don't necessarily mean, as a way of saving face, being respectful or avoiding conflict. The whole conversation made me rethink a lot of what I think I know about Japanese culture.. because how can you deduce an entire nation down to one generalised idea of social etiquette or very specific social values? And don't we do that in the 'west' as well?

Leaving the pub we saw this AMAZING and GIANT cat sitting in the sun. This cat was like, the size of a pillow. I can't wait until Lucy the cat gets huge and fat like that.

My friend Steph came to stay on the weekend. Her face says: "Really? You want to take a photo right now?"

This is a big tree outside of my house. I took these photos quickly this morning before I took the camera to the processors. I am so happy to be done with this disposable camera.