So last week I found out that instead of going on exchange to Japan for one semester, I'll actually be gone FOR A WHOLE YEAR! I'm not sure how this huge detail of my overseas university exchange managed to sneak through the cracks but when I found out I was so beside myself and maybe even a little upset. My initial thoughts were: "who is going to water my plants?" and "who is going to take care of the garden?"....  That night before I went to bed I actually felt sad that I would be gone for so long. I had really made myself super comfortable in my house and I hadn't planned to be gone for such a long time. 

The next morning I woke up and felt so excited and happy! Now I can't wait to get over there and I kind of can't believe my luck. Anyway, now that I know I have only a few months left in Sydney, I've been taking the time lately to really appreciate my little life here. Here are some photos I took around my home:

But first,

Now that I'm going on exchange I can finally draw in the second eye for my Daruma doll!!! My pseduo Japanese dad bought this for me in Takasaki at a temple we went to last year. You buy them with the intent of setting a goal or achieving a dream for yourself and colour in one eye to give your doll a 'vision', so to speak. When you reach your goal you colour in the other eye and restore your daruma's sight! Apparently in the 90s, human rights groups protested the practice of making the Daruma blind as being discriminatory against blind people...

I like ice creams things.

One corner of our little living room.

Ok so this plant is apparently a tropical one. It's been pretty cold lately and I've been worried that it won't live long in our house (it's cute but freezing) so I've been taking it into the shower with me of a night in the hopes it will soak up some humidity and moisture in the air. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing to be doing?

Our latest little edition to the living room is this record player. One of my housemates good friends has gone away to America so we inherited a lot of his things (for a while, anyway). In the short time that he was hanging out at our house he fixed my bike and pumped up the tyres, lent me a bike light, fixed a wobbly chair leg or two and replaced multiple light bulbs that none of us could have reached. It's really nice having a tall person around who can fix things.

Some cats live the best lives.
Sometimes though I think this particular cat has some hard days. There's a really mean cat next door whose name is Kayla (we call her Kayla Cat to avoid confusion) and she always tries to fight Lucy. This cat is THE WORST. She always sneaks into our house and eats Lucy's food or will just come in so she can bash up Lucy the cat. Lucy is only one and is kind of a beta cat... When Kayla Cat approaches her she just lies on her back in defeat and it's SO SAD. Once I had a dream that Kayla Cat pretended to hug Lucy Cat but was actually peeing on her. And recently I dreamt another dream that Kayla Cat had made a cat gang and came around to our house to terrorise Lucy AND to make matters worse, Kayla Cat had gathered all the cats owners and they began terrorising US! It was the worst.

I bought this adorable chair for FIVE DOLLARS from Gumtree.

Not a bad view to have during your morning pee.

Our weird little house name. There's one plum tree in the backyard that makes for a good marshmallow roasting stick or two but I'm not sure that's enough to say we're 'plum crazy'.

Every week when I get paid I go to Bunnings and buying a few dozen of these little 'steppables'. With all the rain lately they've grown so much! I can't wait until I get back from Japan and see that they've all joined up with each other between the pavers.