This weekend was so busy and great!!
In between working and finishing off an assignment for uni, I got to see lots of my friends- which was a nice change from sitting on the lounge and watching reality TV in my pyjamas.

On Friday night I went into the city with Bianca and got dinner at the Chinese Noodle House in Chinatown. So cheap and great. They always serve you a pot of tea when you sit down, but it's kind of lukewarm as though it's been filled up with tap water? Still delicious.

After dinner we wandered through the Chinatown markets and I had DEEP FRIED OREOS!
They were good but I feel like deep fried things are never as good as you think they will be....

We walked from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay to see all of the Vivid things! I couldn't help but think of the logistics of Vivid.. They can't exactly do a practice run of the lights, surely?

We were exhausted by the time we arrived back on George Street. We sat at Chanoma Cafe, a Japanese Matcha cafe, drinking Matcha frappes and resting our feet before l. I fell asleep on the bus ride home.

On Saturday night I decided to have an impromptu campfire in my backyard and invite some friends around. I had no idea but my housemate used to be a girl scout and so she helped me build the fire! Without her I probably would have been just holding up a match to the big blocks of wood I had bought and wondering why there was no fire. As well as wood, I bought marshmallows, Digestive biscuits and Lindt chocolate and made Australian s'mores and spent the night drinking with friends and listening to Simply Red. It was perfect.

The bad news is the next day I had a s'more and cider hangover but the good news is that the drain I built the fire on didn't explode with sewerage or, worse: uncontrollable fire didn't erupt out of the toilet or drink taps as I had feared.

Sunday morning I headed into Central Park shopping centre to set up camp at the Other Worlds Zine Fair to sell my little book, NEMUI DESU!
My camera ran out of film after I took this photo of my friend, Jez. I tried to find more film in the supermarket and even looked in the newsagency and the lady working there was like: "we don't do film, everything is digital now." ....... So I ended up buying a little disposable from a convenience store on George Street which means I'll have to wait to see those photos for a while now. I love the idea that there are potential photos just sitting in the dark waiting to be developed.





These are some photos I had cross processed last week taken on Ricoh Half E2.
It was starting to get really cold in Sydney around the end of last month, so
I decided to surprise my mum and visit her on the Sunshine Coast. It was still
summer there.